Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Santa

This is a fairy mom with a butterfly on her head. This morning we wrote to Santa. My oldest daughter sealed the envelope and we stuck it in the mailbox. Phew, only six more days til Christmas. Well, that was before I discovered my girls' card to Santa on the kitchen counter. We sent an empty envelope. Back to the drawing board.

This year we are writing to the Canadian guy, because he does reply. Last year, he even replied right on Christmas day which was a fantastically unbelievable good timing. The Finnish guy was pretty good too but his reply reached us in April and by then our heads were full of eggs and chocolate bunnies. The Swedish Tomte would have been very authentic had his letter not been returned to me for "invalid address" reasons. Heartbreaking. We wrote to the French Pere Noel but alas he forgot to reply to us therefore we're not writing again this year.

Next year I want to try a Dutch Sinterklaas and why not an Australian Santa surfing on Christmas Day.

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