Wednesday, June 11, 2008

San Bruno Mountain County Park, Take 2

San Bruno Mountain, we're back! On a beautiful sunday, it is really one of the most pleasant short hikes near San Francisco. Barely 15 minutes south on I-280, drive to the top of the mountain and voila! This time, we met Inga and Tony with Andrew and Lucas, as well as Lai and Nigel with their daughter Alice.

The most rewarding view, the one on top of Cow Palace overlooking downtown and the Bay Bridge, comes fairly early on Saddlebag Trail and the children enjoyed it while picking grasses and flowers. By the time we completed the loop, it was time for a nice picnic and just then I realized what a perfect place this was to fly kites. In front of us on the main lawn were a dozen kites flying high in the gentle breeze. We just may have to get a kite some day.

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